Welcome to the most authentic hostel within a fantastic city, the industrial, the everyday and the surprising come together to form a magical experience. We are the first boutique hostel that was created with the mission of helping travelers make the world a better place.

Our commitment is to offer the most comfortable hostel experience you can have, blending the comfort of a hotel with the social dynamics of a hostel.

We strive to have a positive impact on everything we do and provide experiences that go far beyond simply providing a place to sleep.

Our Boutique Hostel has been built with assistance from the local community. Everything has been obtained locally, from the art on the walls to the bread that we use for our breakfast. We create unique experiences through authentic offerings that provide the opportunity for our guests to become acquainted with the past, present and future of Colombia.

We love to constantly surprise and inspire, generating a positive impact starting with our hospitality and culminating in your experience visiting our city. Our rooms highlight the beauty of the natural ecosystem and urban culture of Medellín. Each room is an expression of a specific neighbourhood in the city, each room uniquely decorated starting with the original structure and using elements of cast iron and oak furniture handmade by retired local craftsmen as well as contemporary elements. It really is an experience that needs to be lived to be understood.